If You Are Uninsured

If you recently lost your employer-sponsored health insurance, here is some info from the State of New Hampshire that may help:

We Can Help You Get Insurance

Families First is here to help New Hampshire residents learn about options for affordable health insurance through the New Hampshire Marketplace and Medicaid. Our enrollment counselors will work with you to figure out which health insurance coverage you may be eligible for.

For your free enrollment appointment, contact our enrollment specialists by email or at 603-516-2556. Please include your full name and phone number in your message. (Maine residents should call York County Community Action at 800-965-5762.) More information

If You Cannot Get Insurance

If you are not eligible for any insurance plan, we invite you to apply for a discount based on your income. You can also apply for a discount for services that your health insurance doesn’t cover at all. (For example, if you have Medicare, you can apply for a discount on dental services because Medicare doesn’t cover dental services.) Please fill out the Sliding Fee Application. After we receive your paperwork, we’ll call you to schedule your appointment and let you know how much it will cost.

This is our current sliding fee scale: