Shayna’s Story


In 2015, 24-year-old Shayna suffered a near-fatal overdose from fentanyl. She spent two months in a hospital, on dialysis. Additionally, the overdose created medical complications that resulted in a skin graft on her entire left hand. She got through this and relocated to New Hampshire – searching for a

fresh start. The scars are still healing, but for Shayna, they serve as a reminder of just how far she has progressed from the mental and physical pain of her past.

Shayna heard about our recovery services and signed up for substance misuse treatment. She attended meetings, visited with our social workers and received input from her primary care doctor. The connections she made through this process have been some of the most important of her life. “Everyone was so supportive; so hopeful for me.” She felt safe. Her recovery came just in time, as she was presented with the next great challenge of her life – motherhood.

In 2016, a beautiful and healthy baby boy arrived. Peering into Abel’s wide, innocent eyes, Shayna knew he had effectively “changed the game” and he instantly became her number one reason to continue to push ahead and improve herself. She knew she had a pediatric and dental home for Abel, one that was safe and nurturing. She uses the WIC program for nutritional care to make sure she and Abel are thriving nutritionally and continues to visit her wellness team for preventive care. The momentum she gained has significantly improved Shayna’s life. While talking about all of the services she and her son have used, she added, “I don’t know where I would be without your staff. You gave me hope when I didn’t have it for myself.”