Dawn’s Story

Dawn was the first patient in our Medication Assisted Treatment program for substance abuse. She had struggled with drug use since high school, was ready to make a change, yet needed the support to begin. Enter Families First. Dawn’s physician, Ruth James, began an intensive care plan to support her through the recovery process. She prescribed Suboxone to limit Dawn’s withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and allow her to function in her daily life without feeling the need to use drugs. This gave Dawn the ability to continue to parent her two children, work, engage in weekly counseling appointments, meet with her care coordinator, and participate in support groups such as AA/HA and an Intensive Outpatient Program.

Dawn has worked hard and is now feeling stable in her recovery. She has completely tapered off Suboxone, is actively engaged in the local recovery community, and is seeking to become a recovery coach to help other people become or stay abstinent.

This is a letter Dawn wrote to her care team at Families First.

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