In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Families First is changing the way we stay in touch with our patients. In order to keep our staff and patients safe and healthy, we are now providing many types of visits by video or phone.

Telehealth visits are open to all patients and are strongly recommended for patients who are over age 60, or over age 50 with a chronic health condition.

Scroll down to learn more about what telehealth is and how it works. You can also learn about our remote Recovery, Home Visiting and Mobile Health services.

Getting Started

If you are not currently a patient at Families First, please visit this page before scheduling your telehealth visit.

If you are currently a medical patient but have never used our dental services before, please visit this page.

Telehealth is available for:

  • Most types of medical visits.
  • Some urgent dental visits.
  • Most behavioral health (counseling) visits. Must be a primary-care patient or previously enrolled in the IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program).

If you have a telehealth visit scheduled, check in for your appointment here.

How Does Telehealth Work?

Having access to your medical care team is easier than ever with our telehealth services. Patients and providers can communicate online or over the phone, letting each patient connect with their healthcare team from home.

To Book a Telehealth Appointment

Our staff will help you get set up with a time to connect with your provider. Scheduling appointments will work the same for our telehealth services for as a face-to-face appointment.

  • Primary care: 603-422-8208 (press 4)
  • Dental care: 603-422-8208 (press 5) (urgent/emergency care only)
  • Behavioral health (counseling): 603-422-8208 ext. 3321

Before Your Appointment

You will be asked to read and acknowledge our Notice to Patients and Consent to Telehealth Services Agreement.

IMPORTANT: If your appointment is for a video visit, you will need a Chrome or Firefox browser, camera, microphone, and a strong WiFi connection or an Ethernet cable.

Checking In for Your Appointment

When you have an appointment, please click here and then choose the name of your provider to enter the virtual waiting room. Your provider will start the telehealth appointment as close to your scheduled time as possible, but if possible please try to be ready to start your visit anytime between 15 minutes before your scheduled time to 15 minutes after. Your provider appreciates your patience and flexibility.


In addition to primary care, dental and behavioral health services, we are also providing the following services by phone and/or video:

SOS Recovery & Recovery Groups

  • Recovery Groups will be held online via the Zoom app. This is for current patients who have completed IOP and/or attended Recovery Group in the past. Please call Ben at 603-422-8208 ext 3328 for information.
  • SOS Recovery Services: While the centers are closed, we’ll have phone coverage, telephone recovery support services, virtual on-on-one recovery coaching, and virtual meetings and supports. Call 603-841-2350 or visit  You can also access daily online recovery-support meetings offered through Unity Recovery here.

Home Visiting

Call your home visitor at 603-422-8209 to schedule a phone visit

Mobile Health Care (Vans)

The mobile health team is offering telehealth visits.

Please call 603-766-9220 if you have health-care questions or need medication refills.