Senior Care

We know that Medicare coverage gives seniors have many options when choosing a primary care provider. Here are some reasons to consider Families First for your health care:

Primary Care

Families First is not just another medical practice. We offer seniors many services — made affordable for you, and provided in a warm, respectful environment. High-quality primary care is provided by physicians and nurse practitioners. We provide extra help with managing hypertension, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. We accept Medicare and offer income-based discounts on co-pays. More info

Access to a Dentist

As you probably know, Medicare doesn’t cover your dental care — and dentists can be expensive! Families First offers discounts that bring the cost of a visit as low as $32, depending on your income and the type of visit. You do not have to be a primary-care patient at Families First to see our dentist. But if you are, you’ll get the added advantage of having your doctor and dentist working together in the same practice. This helps us provide better care for you, since your doctor and dentist can talk about how your medical conditions affect your oral health, and vice versa. We coordinate this care and exchange of information so you don’t have to! This helps us make the best possible treatment plans for both your medical and dental health, ones that take everything into account. Dental care for seniors at Families First is made possible in part through support from Portsmouth Regional Hospital. More info

Medication Assistance

If you are a Families First Health Center patient and/or if you live in Portsmouth, our staff can help you access free or very-low-cost medications, whether or not you are a Families First Health Center patient. More info

Health Care at Margeson Apartments

If you happen to live at Margeson Apartments in Portsmouth, seeing a Families First health care provider is even easier for you. Health teams from Families First come to Margeson every Friday afternoon, 2 to 4:30 p.m. No appointment needed — just come on down and look for Families First’s colorful health care van in the parking lot. On the van you can get primary health care, care coordinators to help you find ways to meet transportation and other needs, and access to counseling and dental care. More info