Prevention & Wellness

Page:PreventionWellnessPrevention and wellness are key to how we provide health care at Families First. Many health screenings and conversations about wellness are part of primary-care visits for adults and children.  In addition, we occasionally offer screening clinics, wellness groups and other services designed to help you prevent an illness or identify and manage a chronic health condition. Please note: Some of these services are open to the public, while others are only for current Families First patients, as explained below.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings

Did you know cervical cancer is one of the easiest female cancers to prevent? And that mammograms save thousands of lives each year by finding breast cancer early enough so that it can be treated?

To help as many women as possible have access to these life-saving tests, Families First offers free Pap tests, clinical breast and cervical exams, and referrals for free mammograms. To be eligible for these screenings, women must be age 40 or older; be uninsured or have health insurance with a high deductible; and meet household income guidelines – for example, an annual income under about $30,000 for a single woman. Women younger than 40 who haven’t had a Pap smear in more than three years are also eligible. Services are also available to gender-nonconforming individuals.

2022 Eligibility guidelines (based on age and income)

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For more information on our BCCP program or to see if you are eligible, call (603) 422-8208 ext. 3222 or send an email.