Primary Care

primary care provider with patient

Families First is not just another doctor’s office. When you choose a primary care provider at Families First, you can access services you won’t find everywhere – from dental care, to counseling, to parenting classes and more. And we go the extra mile to make it affordable and easy for you.

A Team to Treat the Whole Person 

Your primary-care team at Families First includes:

  • Primary care providers
  • Nurses and medical assistants
  • 24/7 access to a nurse who can answer your questions and reach a Families First doctor if needed.
  • Counselors to talk with about issues from anxiety, to substance misuse, to making changes in your health habits.
  • Psychiatric services to help with psychiatric medications
  • A Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Care coordinators who help you access other services and benefits

Convenient, Easy and Affordable

Seeing your doctor and other health care providers should not be hard. To make it easy for you, we:

  • accept Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance plans
  • offer income-based discounts if you are uninsured, or for services not covered by your insurance
  • provide free child care while you’re at Families First (not available during pandemic)
  • offer same-day appointments for established patients
  • offer stand-by appointments for established patients, as our schedule allows
  • help you get health insurance, prescription assistance and other benefits
  • have an on-site lab where our patients can have labs drawn, whether ordered here or by another provider. (Mondays,Tuesdays and Fridays,8-2:30. Appointments encouraged. Sliding fee applies.)
  • provide translation services (advance notice needed)
  • help with transportation to Families First

Beyond Primary Care

Families First patients don’t have to go all over to get what they need. Look what you can find right here, in addition to primary care:

Families First not only made doctors’ visits affordable, they had the kind of compassion you don’t typically get at a doctor’s office. I never had to wait, they would answer all my questions, they would give me lots of treatment options, and they always highlighted the importance of staying healthy. This is a place you can walk in and you don’t feel like a patient.