Prenatal Care

You do not need insurance to begin prenatal care with us! We will never turn an uninsured pregnant person away. We will help you apply for Medicaid specifically for pregnant individuals at your first visit.

Prenatal Care at Families First is provided by a multidisciplinary team. We encourage care to begin as early as possible. Education and support are very important in our philosophy of prenatal care. You are welcome to meet with a prenatal nurse or staff to answer questions and gain resources tailored to your needs, and we have a Certified Lactation Consultant on-site to help you with breastfeeding at any time.

Throughout your pregnancy, Families First’s prenatal team will help you get what you need to be a healthy parent, deliver a healthy

baby and get your baby off to the best possible start in life. From obstetric care, to preparation for breastfeeding and parenting, to health education, to help getting resources for your family, we’ve got it all right here for you.

A Whole Team of People on Your Side

Your prenatal care team at Families First includes:

  • Family physicians and nurse midwives
  • A registered nurse to coordinate all your prenatal care
  • A social worker to help you find resources to meet your needs, including helping with applications for enrollment in Medicaid insurance coverage.
  • A counselor to help you stop, or cut down on, using tobacco and other substances if needed.
  • Childbirth education classes on-site at Families First
  • A home visitor, if you like, to give you support and information after your child is born

Don’t worry about money

Our Prenatal Program is affordable. In New Hampshire, Medicaid will usually cover prenatal care. If you don’t have insurance, we’ll help you see if you’re eligible for it and apply. If you do have insurance, we accept Medicaid, as well as most private insurance plans. If you can’t get insurance, we’ll offer you a sliding fee discount. No one will be turned away due to lack of insurance or ability to pay.

We Make It Easy

The Prenatal Program is easy to access. For prenatal patients who already have children, free child care can be arranged during appointments. Transportation assistance may be available. All services (except infant delivery and ultrasounds) are provided under one roof, at the beautiful Community Campus in Portsmouth.

You’re Not Alone

Your connection to Families First doesn’t end when you give birth. We have many things in place here to support you on your parenthood journey. We hope that both you and your baby will come to Families First for primary care, including our Well Child Program (see “Pediatric Care” link at upper right). We have a Babytime group where you and your baby can come to learn, play and socialize with other young families, a group for mothers experiencing postpartum depression, home visiting, parenting classes, dental care and more.