Mobile Health Care FAQs

When and where are mobile health clinics held?

Mobile clinics are held in several towns in the Seacoast region, at places like shelters, soup kitchens and community organizations. For a current schedule, call (603) 766-9220 or view our calendar.

Are these urgent-care clinics?

We are not an urgent-care clinic. However, if you are an established patient we can help with acute concerns. If you are not established we can help you establish with us that day. Note: Once you become established, we become your primary care provider. If you would like to become established, you must not be actively established with another primary care provider.

Do I need an appointment?

No. You can just show up at the clinic during scheduled hours.

Are visits free?

No, but we take nearly all insurances and can help anyone sign up for insurance if needed. We also offer a sliding fee discount program for uninsured patients, and we offer payment plans. We will not turn you away if you are unable to pay.

Do I need to be insured to be seen at the clinic?

You do not need to be insured.  We offer uninsured patients the opportunity to meet with an enrollment counselor to see if insurance is available to them. If not, we offer a sliding fee scale.

Can I get Substance Use Disorder help or counseling?

Once you are an established patient, we can refer to any of our many wraparound services, including Medication-Assisted Recovery, Substance Use Disorder treatment, counseling and social work services. We also work with other community agencies to help get all of your needs met.

Do you prescribe medications?

We can prescribe many medications. We do not carry or prescribe any controlled medications, but we can refer patients to our health centers for more complex appointments and needs.

Do I have to be homeless to get services?

We serve individuals who are either experiencing low incomes or are housing-insecure or struggling with homelessness. This includes those who are living outdoors; living in a winter rental, rooming house, vehicle, transitional living situation or treatment program; or couch-surfing.

Can I bring my child to be seen on at a mobile clinic?

No, but we can help patients and families access health care and other services at Goodwin Community Health in Somersworth, Families First in Portsmouth, or Lilac City Pediatrics in Rochester. We can also help you access services at other organizations within the community.

How do I get in touch with someone on the Mobile Health Team?

Call 603-766-9220. Our individual extensions and clinic schedule are also available at this number.

Do I need to fill out paperwork to be seen at a clinic?

Yes, you need to fill out paperwork, unless you have already established care at one of our health centers. You can obtain paperwork when you come to the clinic or beforehand through any of our health centers.

Why is it so important to have mobile clinics in the community?

Coming to a health center can be difficult for some patients due to past negative experiences, a trauma history, or transportation challenges. Sitting in a waiting room may contribute to their anxiety. Individuals may feel safer and more “at home” coming to a mobile health clinic. Having the chance to build trusting relationships with care providers at a clinic helps patients to feel safer and navigate their health needs better.