Goodwin Pharmacy

Goodwin Pharmacy is part of the same organization as Families First Health & Support Center. So using Goodwin Pharmacy offers several advantages for Families First patients:

  • Prescriptions ordered from Goodwin Pharmacy will be delivered free of charge to Families First, so you can pick them up when you are here for a visit.  Or, you can visit Goodwin Pharmacy at Goodwin Community Health, 311 Route 108 in Somersworth.
  • You can refill, track and manage your prescriptions through our Patient Portal.
  • Pharmacy staff are part of your Families First health care team and can easily coordinate and share expertise with your Families First providers.

Not sure if your insurance is accepted? Give the Pharmacy a call at (603) 516-2752.

Families First patients can take advantage of our 340B program. This program allows eligible patients to receive their prescriptions at a discounted cost. If you have any questions about the 340B program, call the pharmacy.

Here are three easy ways to refill a prescription at Goodwin Pharmacy:

  • Download the RefillQuick app on your phone, and type in (603) 516-2752 for Goodwin Pharmacy.
  • Submit a refill request online
  • Order through our Patient Portal. (Ask any staff member for a PIN to set up your account if you don’t have one.)

Please note, the RefillQuick app and online order form are for Goodwin Pharmacy customers only. If you would like the convenience of using Goodwin Pharmacy, just let your health care team know. You do not need to be a patient of Goodwin Community Health or Families First to use the pharmacy. It is open to all!