Behavioral Health Care

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At Families First Health Center, we believe in treating the whole person. That’s why we offer behavioral health services to complement medical care for our patients.

Counselors help patients manage health conditions including anxiety, depression, substance misuse, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. They also support patients in making changes such as improving diet and exercise habits or reducing substance misuse. Counseling is available for children (ages 6 and up), teens and adults who are primary-care patients at Families First.  Ask your primary-care provider to refer you to a counselor, or call Karen at (603) 422-8208 ext. 3321 to schedule an appointment.

A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner gives Families First patients more access to treatment for mental health conditions than can be found at most primary-care practices.

Medication Assisted Recovery for addiction (also known as Medication Assisted Treatment). We use Suboxone and Vivitrol to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, while patients make the behavioral and environmental changes necessary to achieve their short- and long-term goals. To help with those other changes, Families First requires patients to obtain group and/or individual counseling and also offers other medications, stress-reduction classes, care coordination, referrals to further treatment and community resources, parenting classes, home visiting, and help managing chronic illnesses.

Families First’s Suboxone program has saved my life. It has saved a family from a lifetime of shame and hopelessness. They care about me as a person, they remind me that I am human. My two kids have never been so happy. I have reconnected with them. My other half is in this program as well. My kids now have both — not one, but both, parents back. If there was no Families First, my kids might have no parents right now.