Health Care

A family practice and much more — that’s what you’ll find at Families First Health Center. Like all family doctors, we care for everyone — infants, children and adults, including seniors. We also offer: Prenatal Care, to help children get off to the best possible start in life … behavioral health care, because a healthy mind is crucial to a healthy body … mobile Health Care, because we know that if you’re homeless or have a low income, it can be hard to get to us. All provided by a helpful, friendly, qualified and professional team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, counselors, health educators and care coordinators.

Families First saved my life! The staff is so caring and smart ! All the departments have experts in their fields who help us maneuver thru the system and get the assistance needed. The medical staff is professional, discreet and respectful. Anyone who is self-employed or finds themselves in a tough situation or dire straits will find a kind and welcoming staff at Families First.