Seacoast Healthy Grins

Dental education and services for school children

Through Seacoast Healthy Grins, Families First sends a hygienist to work with children in schools and preschools in Portsmouth,  Newington and Seabrook. She educates and screens all the students. When she finds a child whose oral health needs are not being addressed, she also offers in-school cleanings, fluoride treatment and sealant application, plus referral to a dentist for further treatment or ongoing care.

Check out stories on NHPR and WMUR’s NH Chronicle about Seacoast Healthy Grins.

Offered at schools in four Seacoast towns


  • Community School / Portsmouth Early Ed Program (at Little Harbour Elementary School)
  • Dondero Elementary
  • Little Clipper Preschool
  • Little Harbour School
  • New Franklin School
  • Head Start (at Community Campus)
  • Seacoast Community School


  • Seabrook Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Head Start (Rockingham Community Action building)


  • Head Start (at Centre School)


  • Newington Public School

Healthy Lunch & Snack Ideas

Do you wonder what to put in your children’s lunch box that they will eat and that is healthy too? Keep it simple for yourself and your child. Think texture, color and nutrition. Offer different textures to keep them interested. Colors appeal to their visual senses. And foods that offer nutrients will get them through the day. Finger-sized bites work great for kids.

Great choices:

  • Protein: cheese squares, yogurt (without candy), pasta salad with veggies and shredded cheese, deli meat roll ups (with cheese)
  • Produce: fruit slices/cubes (apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, grapes, cherries, melon, blueberries); veggie sticks (carrots, cucumbers, celery)
  • Grains: whole-grain muffins, rice cakes, pita bread with cream cheese or another favorite spread
  • Water and milk are the best beverages for your child’s teeth and overall health

Foods to avoid:

  • Any food that is sticky, gooey and chewy tends to be high in sugar and is retained in your child’s teeth, which can cause decay. Gummy snacks and fruit roll ups are examples of these. So are gummy vitamins.
  • Fruit juices and sports drinks are high in sugar and detrimental to teeth.

Enjoy choosing and packing your child’s lunch together with your child. This way there are no surprises!