Dental Care for ChildrenDentist for children

child_with_catDid you know that dentists recommend children have their first dental visit at age 1 or when the first tooth erupts? Families First has a special focus upon pediatric (children’s) dental care.  During our “knee-to-knee” visits, we also teach parents about how to care for infant and toddler teeth.

What’s a Knee-to-Knee Exam?

You might wonder how children as young as 1 can have a dental exam. Won’t they get lost in that big dental chair? Won’t they be frightened? Yes, and yes. So for children ages 1 to 3, we offer knee-to-knee exams. The child sits in the parent’s lap and hold hands with the parent. The hygienist sits facing the parent. Then, the parent leans the child back into the hygienist’s lap so she can do a very brief examination of the child’s mouth. She may also apply a fluouride varnish. Soon, the child has had enough and is welcomed back into the parent’s arms. The hygienist then talks to the parent about what she observed and oral health care for young children. Among other benefits, this gets the child used to having his or her mouth examined by a dental professional from a very young age — so when it’s time to sit in that big chair at age three or so, it will be less scary!

Infants to Teens Welcome

Families First Dental Center can care for your kids from the time they get their very first baby tooth to when they’re playing high school hockey. Many children in the Seacoast also know Families First through our “Miss Cindy,” the hygienist who teaches and provides dental services in schools and preschools as part of our Seacoast Healthy Grins program.