Dental CenterBrian Cicero, DMD

adult_child2Families First dentists, dental assistants and hygienists treat every patient as an individual and care about your health. We make dental care easier by providing free child care during appointments. And we make it affordable by accepting most dental insurance, including Medicaid, and offering discounts based on your income and the type of visit. Quality is never lost here, as we care for your needs using state-of-the-art technology including a panoramic digital x-ray machine. And if you get your primary care at Families First as well, you’ll benefit from your dentist and doctor being able to work together for your good health.

We offer emergency standby services, Monday through Friday, 8-11 a.m., on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your Dental Team

Dental Care is provided by our friendly Families First dental staff – dentists, dental assistants and hygienists. Several community dentists also volunteer their time to help us serve more patients. Meet the team.

A Wide Range of Dental Services

You can get all these services at Families First:

  • Diagnostic Services (comprehensive exams, periodontal exams, evaluation of hard & soft tissues – extra and intraoral, digital x-rays, and caries risk assessment)
  • Preventive Services (prophylaxis, debridement, fluoride treatment, oral hygiene instruction, and sealants)
  • Restorative Services (amalgams, composites, stainless steel crowns, crown & bridge, and sedative fillings)
  • Prosthetics (dentures, partial dentures, denture relines, denture repairs, and implant crowns)
  • Endodontics (simple root canal therapy, pulpotomies)
  • Oral Surgery (simple extractions, surgical wisdom teeth removal – on a case by case basis, and excision of lesions)
  • Emergency Services (limited oral examination and palliative treatment for pain)

I came to Families First because I had a horrendous toothache. The dentist took care of me right away. I qualified for sliding scale and Families First helped me with the forms. When my primary care doctor moved on in his career, Families First set me up again. My doctor is personable and attentive. I have been cared for very well for maybe five or six years now, and making an appointment is quick and easy. No stress to see my doctor — in fact I look forward to appointments and getting better.