Families First Leadership

Families First Health and Support Center is part of Greater Seacoast Community Health, which was created when Families First and Goodwin Community Health merged on January 1, 2018. The merged organization is led by CEO Janet Laatsch; a Board of Directors comprised of previous members of Families First’s and Goodwin’s boards of directors; and a Management Team. A group of Advisers, including former Board members and others, also lends support and expertise to our work.

Management Team at Families First

Janet Laatsch, RN, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Terri Burdick, Health and Dental Operations Director

David Choate, Finance Director

Georgie Clark, Family Services Director

Susan Durkin, RN, Clinical Director

Peter Fifield, LCMHC, MLADC, Behavioral Health Services Manager

Erin Houlihan, MSN, RN, Prenatal Nurse Coordinator

Joann Neumann, Development Director

Margie Wachtel, Communications Director

Sandie York, Information Technology Director

Management Team at Goodwin

Board of Directors

The following people served on Families First’s Board of Directors through December 31, 2017. Following our merger with Goodwin Community Health in January 2018, this list will be updated to reflect the Board that will be overseeing the merged entity.

All are independent, voting members. Professional affiliations, if any, are listed in parentheses.

Linda Sanborn, Chair (Baker, Newman, Noyes)

Tom Newbold, Vice Chair

Kristen Hanley, Secretary (CMH Wealth Management)

Mike Burke, Treasurer (Unitil Corp.)

Karin Barndollar (Seatrade International)

Lisa Desiderio

Barbara Henry

John Jamison

Jo Jordon

Jo Lamprey

Patricia Locuratolo (Maine House of Representatives)

John Pelletier

Kerri Ruggiero (Experience Hampton)

Kathy Scheu

Mary Schleyer

Daniel Schwarz (Jackson Lewis)

Peter Whitman (KellerWilliams)

Richard Senger, emeritus


Wendy Frosh, Chair

Jim Bloomer, MD

Geoffrey Clark, MD

Laurie Chandler

Deborah Clark

Phyllis Eldridge

Robert Fitzmaurice

John Freear

Jody Hoffer Gittell

Susan Glick

Faith Harrington

Ed Hibbard

Lindsay Josephs

Sarah Knowlton

Effie Malley

Kathleen MacLeod

Ruth Mott

Doug Roberts

Donna Ryan

Tom Sedoric

Georgette Shapiro, RN

Toby Stowe

Kareen Worrell, MD

Peter Worrell