Job OpeningsDo you enjoy caring for others? Want to make a TRUE difference in your community? If yes, then join our team as we care for our Seacoast neighbors. We use a team approach in treating each client as a WHOLE PERSON, leaning upon each other’s resources and specilties to provide high quality care.

Current Job Openings

Care Coordinator for Health Center

The Care Coordinator is an integral part of the health care team and provides direct services to patients in the Seacoast area. This position provides care coordination and advocacy services to patients utilizing internal and available community resources, as well as enrolls patients in health care plans (including Medicaid and Medicare). Organizational skills, attention to detail, excellent follow though, computer literacy,  the ability to work collaboratively and build positive relationships required. A bachelor’s degree in a human service field is preferred. This position is 40  hrs/week and requires some variability in the work schedule.

Posted 10/12/17

Family Support Coordinator (Partners in Health)

Help families of children with chronic illnesses access community and state resources. Provide service coordination for families–develop care plans, link to existing resources and find new sources of assistance. This position is 35 hours per week and includes full benefits. A bachelor’s degree in social work, human resources, public health, nursing or a related field required. Experience providing direct service and parenting information to families preferred. Traveling to families’ homes is involved–a driver’s license and use of a reliable car is required. Learn more about Partners in Health at

Posted 10/3/17


Job Summary

 Assist families of children with special health care needs.  Provide family centered service coordination and link families to community and state resources.  Develop community resources for families. Provide support to PIH Family Council.  Maintain communication among and coordinate development of policies and procedures with Families First, PIH and the Council.  Assist in annual budget preparation and oversee monthly expenditures.  Assist Family Services Director in research related activities.

Families First is recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home and thus emphasizes a team-based approach to care.  This position is an active member of the care team and proactively coordinates care for patients, and supports patients, families and caregivers in self-management, self-efficacy and behavior change.  She/he is trained in effective communication to assess and manage the health needs with all segments of the practice population, particularly the vulnerable populations, and is involved in the practice’s performance evaluation and quality improvement activities.  Families First supports each member of the team being trained to meet the highest level of function allowed by state law.

Education/Skill Requirements:

BS or BA in nursing, public health, human services, or social work and 3-4 years experience in human services or equivalent experience and training in supporting families of children with special needs. Understanding and knowledge of family centered practice, case management and how to work effectively with a variety of families. Strong computer, communication, teaching, and problem solving skills; a well organized, approachable, flexible professional who is able to work independently and in collaboration with others.

Job Reports to: Family Services Director

Reporting to this position: Student interns

Financial: Follows established control systems to assure financial data capture is in compliance with agency policies and procedures and contract requirements. Coordinates developing policies, procedures and protocols about using Flexible Funds and expends funds to families. Submits monthly Medicaid reports. Assists in developing annual budget. Writes grants to benefit clients directly or for program specific opportunities.

Direct Service Delivery: Identifies and recruits families of children with chronic health conditions within the catchment area.  Helps families identify and assess their needs and the natural, informal and formal supports to address those needs, including education and training. Works with families to develop Individualized Family Services Plans. Consults and advocates for families with DHHS, school personnel, insurance providers, some health care agencies, medical providers and others to assist families in using those services and to minimize duplication. Assists families through all stages of school IEP process.  Participates in program evaluation.

Administrative: Maintains complete and accurate case records on all participating families in compliance with Families First policies, state regulations and PIH criteria. Collects client registration and attendance data on PIH families. Completes Flexible Fund forms and documents expenditures as required by FF policies. Provides timely information needed to complete monthly and annual reports as required by agency and PIH. Participates in evaluation activities. Meet quotas as required by state and lead agency Participates in staff meetings and regular clinical and administrative supervision to assure quality and quantity of work. Manage an annual support budget of approximately $20,000 to be used for families and activities, and report to lead agency accounting department monthly to reconcile expenses Collaborates with the Family Council to provide care for families.  Serves as liaison between Families First and the Family Council. Attends monthly PIH Family Support Coordinator meetings.

Community Relations: Generates goodwill for Families First by providing high quality services and maintaining positive relationships with care providers, participants, volunteers, and other agency personnel. Creates and/or enhances resources and activities in the community for families of children with chronic illness, including directories of community, state and national resources. Meet with each family at least quarterly to determine needs and supports required. These can range from financial, emotional, educational, or social. Some families require more frequent contact.  May organize meetings to promote community awareness of chronic illness in children and to address the issues families raise.

In addition, the individual must be able to explain and demonstrate that he/she can safely perform the primary functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation and with or without the aid of mechanical devices.

Physical requirements include ability to extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction; pick, pinch, type or otherwise work primarily with fingers; stand for sustained periods of time and move about on foot to accomplish tasks; raise objects from a lower to higher position or move objects horizontally from position to position; apply pressure to an object with fingertips; sustain substantial movement of wrists, hands and/or fingertips.

Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word and to demonstrate excellent listening skills.

Ability to interact effectively with people of varied educational, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, skill levels and value systems; to work with frequent interruptions and to respond appropriately to unexpected situations.

Ability to transport self to meetings and events.

Special considerations:  Must be available for evening meetings and longer working days when the job requires it.  Because most work is done in clients’ homes, extensive travel is required and employee must have access to an automobile, valid driver’s license and car insurance. This position has specific physical requirements-visual acuity, sharp hearing, clear speech; handling, fingering, reaching; medium lifting (up to 50 pounds), walking, standing and climbing stairs.

Behavioral health care provider

Families First Health and Support Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is seeking a behavioral health care provider with both mental health and substance use treatment experience. He/she will provide behavioral health consultation/therapy and substance abuse counseling to adults and families in a community healthcare environment, including comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, brief treatment and crisis management to behavioral health clients. He/she will also be expected to assist the primary care team in developing care management processes and patient education to improve self-management of chronic disease. We are looking for an individual who works well in a fast paced environment, has the ability to work independently, as well as communicating effectively with the other behavioral and medical professionals. Also, the candidate must have some ability to be flexible with their schedule.

The desired candidate will:

Hold a Master’s degree in Social Work or Counseling with a minimum of two years’ experience in mental health with experience working with substance use disorders; be licensed or license eligible with the state of New Hampshire’s Board of Mental Health; advanced knowledge of Motivational Interviewing skills is required.

Salary range based upon experience and licensure, 30 -32 hours per week with benefits

How to Apply

To apply for any of the jobs listed above, please email an application (found below), cover letter and resume to our HR Director.

Families First staff are very dedicated, compassionate and non-judgmental, and are a fun group of people. I love the variety of things I get to do in my job. And it’s wonderful to be able to offer things that are really needed, good and necessary services offered to people for the betterment of the whole community.

– Hilary O’Neil, Outreach and Family Center Coordinator (since 2007)

I have great communication with my supervisor. And I get to help patients. Many patients are surprised when they come here that we really are here to help them. It makes you feel good. Staff are great to work with; we are like a family. We’re very busy, so the day goes by quickly. My ideas are heard and sometimes implemented. We all try to work as a team.

Cheryl Mosley, Front Office Coordinator (since 2004)

I love that I get to spend as much time as a patient needs, as often as they need, to help them understand and cope with their diabetes. I love my colleagues, who inspire me to do the best I can for every patient, without judgment. I love that we look at a patient’s insurance status only to figure out how to help them, not to determine whether we will help them.

– Mary Malloy, RN, Primary Care Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator (since 2008)