Volunteer at Families First!

VolunteersVolunteers are critical in our work taking care of the health and well-being of our Seacoast community. In fiscal year 2014, 192 volunteers served 5,420 hours. Based on the Independent Sector's formula for valuing volunteers’ time, these hours were worth almost $124,000 to Families First!

Families First has a variety of volunteer opportunities, ranging from providing medical care, to child care, to office support and more.

Volunteer Opportunities - Choose the opportunity that fits your interest below: 

Interested? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Julia Minchew for more information or to begin volunteering: (603) 422-8208 x126 or by email.

If you do not see a defined opportunity listed, but have a skill or ability you’d like share with Families First, please let us know. Similarly, if you see an opportunity that is currently listed as “full” but would like to be notified for future openings, please let us know.


Volunteer Requirements
Volunteer positions vary in requirements and the selection process. Examples include: HIPPA training, background checks, licensures, interviews before selection, etc.

2014-2015 Volunteer Report
In fiscal year 2015, 212 volunteers served 4,350 hours (valued at a total of $134,212).
2015 Volunteer of the Year
Barbara Barbara Silverstone
Barbara has served over 600 hours of her time since she began volunteering at Families First in 2010. She helps with childcare each week while parents attend parenting classes, groups and more.

"I have seen her throughout the years play tea in the sand box with toddlers, calm a crying baby, settle a rambunctious 4 year old, and talk with any volunteer, parent or staff in a calm non-judgmental helping manner. She is a sheer delight to work with. She is fun, engaging, and positive beyond belief. Her commitment to the agency and our mission statement is sincere and infectious." - Parkie Boley, Childcare Coordinator

Thank you Barbara for being a part of the Families First Family!

Clinical Volunteers

Professional Volunteers
100 Hour Club
Each served in a clinical and licensed capacity working directly with patients.
Each donated at least 10 hours of services in their professional occupations.
Volunteers who have served a minimum of 100 hours in FY15.

- Jamie Belanger, OD, MS, FAAO
- Rodney Burdette, DDS
- Catherine Casey-Flavin, RN
- Barbara Deuell, MD
- Shirlie Dowd, OD
- Kevin Dugas, DMD
- Lauren Grady, RN
- David Hartenstein, OD
- Neil Hiltunen, DMD
- Skip Homicz, DDS
- Barry McArdle, DMD
- Joyce O’Reilly, RN
- Adrienne Pak, OD
- Amy Pruszenski, OD
- Joan Sisto, MD
- Candace Stohl, MS
- Kareen Worrell, DO

- Sara Forrest, photographer
- Dawn Huebner, PhD
- Cate Jackson, OT
- Bob Pavlik, M.Ed
- Susan Remillard, PCD, DONA, CLC, ALPP
- Good Idea Design (Nikki Savramis)
- Graphic Details, Inc.

- Chelsea Brown
- Catherine Casey-Flavin, RN
- Rena Donovan
- Cynthia Drake
- Carol Hawks
- Anne Henriksen
- Skip Homicz, DDS
- Peggy Meyers
- Carly Prescott
- Barbara Silverstone
- Candace Stohl, MS
- Katelyn Teague
- Samantha Webb

Opportunities for Individuals

  • Event Volunteer
    Description: Help make Families First events a success by providing support such as set-up, serving, selling calendars, being an ambassador explaining programs, providing informational material, and more.
    Time: Depending on events scheduled
    Age Requirements: 16 years or older  (On occasion, events may be appropriate for all ages. Youth under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.)
    Commitment: One-time projects
  • Donation Pick-Up Volunteer
    Description: Many local businesses donate items for our patients, families, and programs. We need volunteers to help these gifts make the last leg of the journey to Families First or client homes. Donation Pick-up Volunteers will drive to these sites using their personal vehicles. These volunteers are also acting as ambassadors for Families First and will be essential in thanking these donors, keeping relationships strong. In particular, volunteers with trucks or vehicles able to haul larger items are in HIGH NEED.
    Time: As needed
    Age Requirements: 16 yrs or older
    Commitment: One-time projects
  • Mailing Volunteer
    Description: It takes a team to mail! Families First needs a handful of volunteers, multiple times a year, for mass mailings that go out into the community. Mailing volunteers will help stuff envelopes, label, and sort large mailings, readying them for the post office.
    Time: As needed
    Age Requirements: 16 yrs or older (On occasion, mailings may be appropriate for younger ages. Youth under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.)
    Commitment: One-time projects
  • Childcare Volunteer (Status: FULL)
    Description: Provide childcare while parents are in our parenting programs, health center or studying for English class or GED program.
    Time: Monday – Friday. Mornings: 9:00am – 12:00pm and/or Evenings: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
    Age Requirement: 16 years or older
    Commitment: Ongoing/Regularly scheduled
  • Family Fun Night Volunteer (Status: FULL)
    Description: Help with an evening program that is geared towards families who are facing homelessness and/or other significant stresses. Assist the coordinator with food and activity prep & clean-up.
    Time: Monday evenings, 4:30 to 7:45pm (time is flexible)
    Age Requirements: Mature 16 years or older
    Commitment: Ongoing/Regularly scheduled, One-time projects
  • Office Support Volunteer (Status: FULL)
    Description: Work alongside staff to ensure day-to-day tasks run smoothly, allowing greater outreach and services to clients. Office Support volunteers perform tasks including calling patients to confirm appointments, scanning, filing, data entry, mailings, etc. Volunteers work within all departments; tasks may be different depending on volunteer skills and agency needs.
    Time: Flexible/depending on position
    Age Requirements: 16 years or older
    Commitment: Ongoing/Regularly scheduled, One-time projects

Professional & Clinical Opportunities

  • Committee Member
    Description: Lend your special expertise to one of our committees (Development, Finance, Governance, Human Resources, and Programs & Policy).
    Time: Minimum once a month meetings
    Age Requirements: 18 years or older
    Commitment: Ongoing 
  • Family Center Program Speaker
    Description: Program speakers are usually professional or specialty topic volunteers who speak on a designated topic for a parenting class, a parenting series, or Parent Recharge Group. Sample topics include anger management, mental health, scrapbooking, yoga, etc.
    Time: Depending on the program times
    Age Requirements: 18 years or older
    Commitment: One-Time Presentation or Recurring class/series
  • Clinical Volunteer (Status: FULL)
    Description: Use your specialties whether you’re a doctor, dentist, nurse or other medical professional.
    Time: Around 5 hours a month
    Age Requirements: 18 years or older
    Commitment: 3-year term
  • Board Member (Status: FULL)
    Description: Join Families First’s Board of Directors in advancing the agency towards its mission of contributing to the health and well-being of the Seacoast community. Board members meet monthly and as needed.
    Time: Approximately 5 hours a month
    Age Requirements: 18 years or older
    Commitment: 3-year term

Opportunities for Groups

  • Family Fun Night Volunteer Group
    Description: This is a perfect way to engage your community group or company in supporting local families in need in a very personal way. Every Monday night, Family Fun Night gives families facing homelessness and similar stresses dinner and fun activities to reduce stress and boost family morale and unity. Volunteer groups can sponsor the night and cook a nutritious evening meal or donate $150 for the purchase of the meal for one or more of the weekly programs throughout the year. Sponsors may also have the opportunity to volunteer support for that night’s activities. For more information or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Ally at (603) 422-8208 x332 or by email.
    Time: Monday evenings, 4:30 to 7:45pm (time is flexible)
    Age Requirements: Mature 16 years or older
    Commitment: One-Time project
  • Mailing Volunteer Group
    Description: Whether you are a company looking for a corporate volunteer opportunity for your employees or a book club seeking to give back together, volunteering as a group to help us put together a large mailing is a great option. Families First has multiple large mailing projects to complete throughout the year. Tasks include stuffing envelopes, labeling, sorting, and readying them for the post office.
    Time: As needed. Flexible as long as completed within the target time of year/month needed.
    Age Requirements: 16 years or older (15 years & below must be accompanied by an adult.)
    Commitment: One-Time project
  • Organize a Benefit
    Description: Organize an event to raise money for Families First programs.
  • Organize an Item Donation Drive
    Description: Organize a drive to collect needed items for Families First programs, clients, and patients. Due to limited space and specific Wish List needs, please contact Families First staff before holding a drive to coordinate collection and ensure we can take the items collected.