Prenatal Care
603-422-8208 x142

Mom Kissing her baby

The Prenatal Program is the oldest part of Families First Health and Support Center. The agency began in 1984 as the Portsmouth Prenatal Clinic with this mission: "To deliver healthy babies to healthy mothers."

The Prenatal Program offers care to all pregnant women in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. For information on becoming a prenatal patient at Families First, call our prenatal nurse at 603-422-8208 ext. 108, or our social worker at ext. 142. Then, click here for more information and a link to the Prenatal Intake Application.

For a personal look at the prenatal program, read a letter from our prenatal nurse practitioner, Margot Kingston.

The Prenatal Program is affordable. We have a sliding fee scale based on income for uninsured women, and we accept New Hampshire Medicaid. We help patients fill out Medicaid applications and obtain free or discounted prescription drugs and lab work. We also accept most private insurance plans.

The Prenatal Program is easy to access. For prenatal patients who already have children, free child care can be arranged during appointments. Transportation assistance may be available. All services (except infant delivery and ultrasounds) are provided under one roof, at the beautiful Community Campus in Portsmouth.

And, the Prenatal Program is comprehensive:

  • Medical care is provided by ob/gyn physicians and a nurse practitioner from Harbour Women's Health and Families First's prenatal nurse coordinator.
  • A social worker helps patients find resources to meet their needs, including helping with applications for enrollment in Medicaid insurance coverage.
  • Each client receives a complete assessment of her nutritional status, referrals to local food and nutrition programs as needed, and enrollment in WIC. The nutritionist provides information about infant nutrition and encouragement to breastfeed.
  • The program includes childbirth education and parenting education, as well as substance abuse and smoking cessation counseling if needed. (Click for info on counseling.)
  • Most patients can receive home visits from a family worker for education and support, continuing throughout the pregnancy and the baby's first year.

After delivery at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, mother and baby can continue as primary care patients at the Families First Health Center.

Families First accepts both Medicaid plans (WellSense and NH Healthy Families), as well as private insurance. Uninsured patients are offered a sliding fee scale based on their income; no one is turned away due to lack of insurance or ability to pay.