Home Visiting
603-422-8208 x314

home visitingFamilies First offers individualized, one-to-one support, education, and links to resources for families, often provided in the home. Family workers meet with families to identify needs, access services, and learn skills to reduce stress and improve family life. They also provide support and education about infant, child and adolescent development to help parents understand their children's needs. For New Hampshire residents only.

A Families First home visitor can help you with:

  • meeting your family’s basic needs (housing, transportation, utilities, food, etc.)
  • building a better relationship with your children
  • advocating for your children and your family
  • navigating school, insurance and medical systems
  • getting the support you need when you are pregnant or have a newborn
  • parenting a child who has a chronic illness (see below for more on this)*
If you would like help with one or more of these issues, please call Georgie Clark at (603) 422-8208 x314, today. View info cards about these programs.

*Partners in Health: For families that include a child with a chronic illness
For families that include a child who has a chronic health condition that is expected to last 12 months or more. The Partners in Health Coordinator helps families advocate for their children; access resources; navigate systems such as schools, insurance companies and medical providers; and build competence to manage their child's illness through family-directed education, support and encouragement. A Family Council meets monthly to plan programs and community activities; meetings also provide a forum for mutual supports. Families must live in Eastern Rockingham County, NH. Click to view info on eligibility (towns served and chronic health conditions that qualify families for this assistance). A Needs Assessment Checklist lists some of the ways Partners in Health helps families.
For more information, call 603-422-8208 ext. 146 or email us.