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Media Coverage 2016

Links to published articles about Families First are just below. Scroll down further for press releases issued by Families First, and then for links to TV and radio coverage.

01/03New program to help parents Seacoast Sunday

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Press Releases 2016

02/03Families First Receives $10K CVS Health Community Grant

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TV and Radio

WOK Reporter's File: Families First's Mobile Health Services (radio story, 25 minutes)

"I want everyone I care about to have health insurance" (radio ad) (mp3 fle; 30 seconds)

Families First and Big Blue on New Hampshire Chronicle (WMUR-TV, January 2014)

Northeast Delta Dental Radio interview with Helen Taft (January 2014)

Primary care and so much more (radio ad), Winter 2014 (mp3 file; 30 seconds)

Clear Channel interview, November 2013 (mp3 file; 6 minutes)

Parent and family programs (WMUR-TV)

Mobile health care for the homeless (WMUR-TV)

Public service announcement (WMUR-TV)

Parenting Skit PSA (mp3 file; 30 seconds, very cute!)

Families First overview PSA (mp3 file; 30 seconds)