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Artists of the Seacoast Calendar

Since 1996, local artists, businesses and volunteers have contributed to creating the Artists of the Seacoast calendar each year. Their efforts help ensure that affordable health care and family support will always be available at Families First. All donations and proceeds from calendar sales go directly to helping our clients, your Seacoast neighbors.


Submit Your Artwork

Each February, Families First announces the Call for Artwork where local Seacoast artists submit original works to be considered for inclusion in the next calendar. Please contact Julia (603) 422-8208 x126 to be added to the email list to be notified when submissions are being accepted.


Because design and production costs are covered by generous local businesses who sponsor the calendar (almost 2,000 distributed) or donate/discount their services, all proceeds support Families First. Thank you to our Calendar Sponsors! 

Interested in becoming a calendar ad sponsor? Contact Paula Place, (603) 812-1671.

The 2017 Calendar

The 2017 Calendar will be available for purchase in late September/early October 2016.

Purchase the 2017 Calendar

You may purchase the 2017 Artists of the Seacoast Calendar at Families First during normal business hours or at the following local stores:


“Mussel Shells”, by Wendy Hazen, COVER

“Mussel Shells”
by Wendy Hazen

“Nudge”, by Oleg Kompasov, JANUARY

Oleg Kompasov

“Paper Lights Infinity”, by Peter Welch, FEBRUARY

“Paper Lights Infinity”
Peter Welch

“Playing Koi”, Susan Kneeland, MARCH

“Playing Koi”
Susan Kneeland

“Spring Flowers”, Jan Waldron, APRIL

“Spring Flowers”
Jan Waldron

“Three Little Finches”, Marsha Zavez, MAY

“Three Little Finches”
Marsha Zavez

“Fresh Catch”, Heidi Jackson, JUNE

“Fresh Catch”
Heidi Jackson

“The Sidekick”, Jeannette Steele Esposito, JULY

“The Sidekick”
Jeannette Steele Esposito

“Rainbow Wave”, Ashley Irons, AUGUST

“Rainbow Wave”
Ashley Irons

“Chapel Street’s Charm”, Joanne Ravgiala, SEPTEMBER

“Chapel Street’s Charm”
Joanne Ravgiala

“Essex Shipyard”, Susana Bamford, OCTOBER

“Essex Shipyard”
Susana Bamford

“Looking Down 13”, Wolfgang Ertl, NOVEMBER

“Looking Down 13”
Wolfgang Ertl

“Fort Constitution from a Dory”, Maddi Alana, DECEMBER

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