Artwork Sought for 'New Big Blue'

health care vanFamilies First Health & Support Center is replacing “Big Blue” (shown at right), a van that delivers health care to people experiencing homelessness and to low-income seniors. Click here to learn about the services that are provided using Big Blue.

As on the current “Big Blue,” which features a work by local artist Peter Welch, we would like to feature the work of a local artist on the “New Big Blue.” Although we cannot offer compensation, we would put the artist’s name on the van and include the artist in publicity around the launch of the new van, including a ribbon-cutting to which media will be invited. The value of use of your work may be tax-deductible as a donation to Families First.

Artists are asked to submit work for consideration by June 30th, 9 a.m. If your work is chosen, River Works Printing will take a digital photograph of it and transfer that to the van; you would not be painting directly on the van.


Subject Matter / Theme: Both representational and non-representational work will be considered. We are interested in works that convey feelings and values such as welcoming, inclusive, healthy, nonjudgmental, accepting, caring, uplifting, life-affirming, diversity, dignity, hope. The work should appeal more to adults than children; very few children are seen on the van. Images that suggest the Seacoast region might be a plus.

Media: Artwork may be any medium – painting, drawing, graphic design, photographs, etc.

Format and Dimensions: River Works will scan your artwork on a 12” x 17” scanner and then enlarge it to 119" x 198.5” for one side of the van, and 119" x 198.5” to 250" for the other side.

-- If you have a finished piece already created that you would like us to consider:

  • For paintings and drawings, please send a digital photograph (.jpg or .gif) of your work. If your work is chosen, you will be asked to bring the original in to River Works to have it scanned. The original piece must be no larger than 12” x 17” in order to fit on the scanner.
  • For photographs or other digital work, submit at a very high resolution to allow enlargement. Resolution must be 75 dpi at full size. Keep in mind each time you double the size of a photo, the resolution gets cut in half. So a photo at the submittal size should be around 1200 dpi.
  • The work must be a horizontal rectangle. We may need to crop it in order to fit the exact dimensions of the space available on the van.

-- If you have a concept for a new piece that you would custom-make for this purpose:

We respect your time and do not want you to create a finished piece for us unless your concept is the one chosen.

  • Please submit: a sketch (with notes if needed to fully explain your concept), and a digital photo of a finished piece of your work that is in the same style you would use for this.
  • If you are chosen to create the final artwork, you will be asked to create it at 7.93” x 13.23”. Depending on the nature of the work, you may need to create a second version at 7.93” x 16.66,” because the two sides of the van are different.
  • If you are chosen to create the final artwork, you would have approximately three to four weeks from the time you are notified (mid-June) until the final work is needed. If you are not able to meet this deadline, please consider submitting an existing piece.

newbigblueNOTE: Within the rectangular space allotted for the artwork (toward the back of the van on each side), there are storage bins, wheel wells and windows. The artwork can cover the windows (a perforated screen will be used), so you do not need to design around the windows. However, if you would like a specification sheet showing the exact dimensions and placement of windows, etc., please send a request by email. The photo at left shows the New Big Blue under construction.

To submit: Send a digital photograph or scan by email (preferred), or mail to New Big Blue Artwork, Families First, 100 Campus Drive #12, Portsmouth, NH, 03801. Use the subject line “New Big Blue Artwork / your name.” This address can be used for questions also.

Deadline: June 30, 2014, at 9 a.m.