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Page: JobsDo you enjoy caring for others? Want to make a TRUE difference in your community? If yes, then join our team as we care for our Seacoast neighbors. We use a team approach in treating each client as a WHOLE PERSON, leaning upon each other’s resources and specilties to provide high quality care.

Current Job Openings

How to Apply

To apply for any of the jobs listed below, please email an application (found below), cover letter and resume to our HR Director.

Van driver (per diem)

Families First is looking for a per diem van driver for mobile medical and dental units. Although no special license is required, experience is a must. These are 39’ medical units that serve the homeless and indigent population. This is a fill-in position and may range from 0-10 hours per week. It requires driving, set up and clean up. Great for compassionate, part-time drivers!

The primary responsibility of the position is to drive the van to locations in the community where Families First’s mobile health and dental teams provide care. The driver is responsible for upkeep and cleanliness during the van runs. Responsible for reporting any equipment mishaps, supply shortages, spills, stains, dents or leaks.

This position requires a background check and clean driving record.

See below for full job description.

Posted 6/14/17


Health Care Van Driver


Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the position is to drive the van to locations in the community where the Homeless Healthcare Program is scheduled to provide health care.  Responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness during your van runs and other times when asked. Responsible for reporting any equipment mishaps, supply shortages, spills or stains dents or cracks, etc., to the Van Coordinator. You are to assist homeless staff as needed at sites. You must appear professional at all times to staff and clients. You should not be involved with any client/provider interactions unless asked to do so. These are very private matters and confidentiality is crucial.

Education/Skill Requirements

 High School diploma and good driving record. Must have a Medical Certificate from the NH Department of Transportation.  Ability to communicate effectively with HHC staff.  Reliability and good driving skills including the ability to maneuver the van in and around tight corners and around high pedestrian traffic.

Job reports to: Operations Director

Position Status:  Hourly, Non-exempt

Financial: Follows established control systems to assure financial data capture is in compliance with agency policies and procedures and other contract requirements.

Administrative: Maintains all service, safety and equipment inspection records as requested by the Van Coordinator

Community Relations/Direct Services: Generates goodwill for Families First by providing high quality services and maintaining positive relationships with other care providers, participants, volunteers, and agency personnel.

Special considerations: This position has specific physical requirements—visual acuity, (including distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus),  sharp hearing, clear speech; handling, fingering, reaching; medium lifting (up to 50 pounds), prolonged sitting while driving, walking, standing, climbing stairs and maintaining balance.  Must be able to work in severe weather conditions, both heat and cold.

OSHA Category

Family Practice Category III: Jobs that do not routinely involve exposure to blood, bodily fluids or tissues.  Persons in this category are not called upon to perform or assist in emergency medical care or first aid, or to be exposed in any other way as a condition of employment.

Medical Assistant/Referral Coordinator

Certification in medical assisting and one year of experience in a medical setting using the electronic medical record are required. Ability to be an effective member of the primary care team, strong organizational skills, and attention to detail are also needed. This is a 30-40 hour full time position with benefits. Evening availability and the ability to travel is required.

See below for full job description.

Please include a cover letter with salary requirements for consideration.

Posted 6/8/17


Medical Assistant/Referrals Coordinator

Job Summary

Assists the providers, nurses and other health center staff in the delivery of minor health care support.  Facilitates patient flow within the health center. Maintains the referrals desktop.  Facilitates all referrals to specialty care and other community services.

Families First is recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home and thus emphasizes a team-based approach to care.  This position is an active member of the care team and proactively coordinates care for patients, and supports patients, families and caregivers in self-management, self-efficacy and behavior change.  She/he is trained in effective communication to assess and manage the health needs with all segments of the practice population, particularly the vulnerable populations, and is involved in the practice’s performance evaluation and quality improvement activities.  Families First supports each member of the team being trained to meet the highest level of function allowed by state law.

Education/Skill Requirements

High school graduate with certification in medical assisting and one year experience in a medical setting.  Strong clinical and organizational skills required, with knowledge of medical terminology and medical test procedures.  Ability to work accurately and efficiently with health center staff in a fast-paced environment.

Job Reports to: Nurse Manager

Position Status:  Hourly, Non-Exempt

Job Responsibilities

Financial: Follows established control systems to assure financial data capture is in compliance with agency policies and procedures and other contract requirements.  Documents activities for billing purposes.

Direct Service Delivery:

  • Stocks exam rooms with forms, supplies and patient education materials.
  • Sterilizes equipment and tests for quality assurance.
  • Performs hearing and vision screenings.
  • Takes measurements and vital signs.
  • Draws blood, tests blood and urine and performs other lab functions as directed.
  • Show patients into exam rooms.
  • Answers prescription phone line
  • Reviews provider schedule at beginning of each session to plan visits. Obtains relevant test reports, consult reports, hospital reports, ER reports, etc. to assist providers and assure comprehensive patient care.
  • Coordinates referrals for Families First patients to specialty care and other services in the community.
  • Administrative: As a participant in the primary care team, works with providers, the Clinical Director, other nurses, social worker, nutritionist and health educators to provide comprehensive care to patients. Assists with quality improvement measures.  Attends clinical and administrative staff meetings. Assists providers in maintaining timely patient visit schedules.

Community Relations: Represents Families First favorably at community meetings. Generates good will for Families First by providing high quality services and maintaining positive relationships with other social service and health care providers.

Individuals must possess the knowledge, skills and abilities listed or be able to explain and demonstrate that s/he can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities and to possess the necessary physical requirements with or without the aid of mechanical devices to safely perform the essential functions of the job.

  • Ability to deliver patient care in a manner that is appropriate to the patient’s age, physical ability and intellectual development.
  • Ability to maintain patient confidentiality in compliance with Families First Confidentiality Statement.
  • Ability to adhere to infection control policies and procedures.
  • Physical requirements include ability to extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction; pick, pinch, type or otherwise work primarily with fingers; stand for sustained periods of time and move about on foot to accomplish tasks; raise objects from a lower to higher position or move objects horizontally from position to position; apply pressure to an object with fingertips; sustain substantial movement of wrists, hands and/or fingertips; exert up to 20 pounds of force and lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects.
  • Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken and/or written word.
  • Ability to interact effectively with people of varied educational, socioeconomic and ethic backgrounds, skill levels and value systems.
  • Ability to work with frequent interruptions, respond appropriately to unexpected situations and endure periods of heavy workload and/or stress.
  • Ability to transport self to and from off-site locations.
  • Visual acuity sufficient for work which deals with computer terminal operations, extensive reading and visual inspection.

OSHA Category

Family Practice Category I:  Jobs that routinely involve exposure to blood, bodily fluids, or tissues

Families First staff are very dedicated, compassionate and non-judgmental, and are a fun group of people. I love the variety of things I get to do in my job. And it’s wonderful to be able to offer things that are really needed, good and necessary services offered to people for the betterment of the whole community.

– Hilary O’Neil, Outreach and Family Center Coordinator (since 2007)

I have great communication with my supervisor. And I get to help patients. Many patients are surprised when they come here that we really are here to help them. It makes you feel good. Staff are great to work with; we are like a family. We’re very busy, so the day goes by quickly. My ideas are heard and sometimes implemented. We all try to work as a team.

Cheryl Mosley, Front Office Coordinator (since 2004)

I love that I get to spend as much time as a patient needs, as often as they need, to help them understand and cope with their diabetes. I love my colleagues, who inspire me to do the best I can for every patient, without judgment. I love that we look at a patient’s insurance status only to figure out how to help them, not to determine whether we will help them.

– Mary Malloy, RN, Primary Care Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator (since 2008)